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Compaqpeat SIA


"Compaqpeat SIA is a Latvian business company that supplies sphagnum peat moss production from Baltic states worldwide, we specialize in high-quality raw peat and peat substrates to help all types of growers achieve the best results for their plants.

The company has a large peat mining site in the Baltic region, one of the world's most recognized sphagnum peat mining areas, and has established world-class peat moss customized production lines in Lithuania and Latvia to meet the individual needs of different customers, we offer substrates for propagation and young plants, potting plants, trees and shrubs, vegetables and fruits, landscaping, blueberries and acidic plants, mushrooms. Latvian sphagnum peat moss contains valuable vitamins, acids, micro, and macro elements.”


Moss sphagnum peat

Milled peat 100 %

Decomposition Von Post: H1-H3

Fraction: 0-40 mm.

Dry matter: 200 g/l

Organic matter: >98%

Total Nitrogen(N): <7450mg/kg

Phosphorous(P2O5): <360 mg/kg

Potassium(K2O): <215mg/kg

Magnesium(MgO): <607mg/kg

Trace elements (Fe, Cu, Mn, B, Mo, Zn): +

Product suitable to use for acidic plants

Packaging - 250 and 6000 liters. We can add micro and macro elements to demand. Acidity PH 3.5-4,5 and PH 5,5-6,5.