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The best varieties of blueberries

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The wholesale importer of fruit and berry seedlings, the company "Blueberry Production Partner" imports from leading nurseries in Europe and America. The company is focused on supplying quality, in vitro, virus-free seedlings to Georgian fruit and berry producers. We import agro fabric (mulch) and "bird alarms" from Turkey, and peat from Lithuania. Introduce the program through our partners You can buy seedlings in the future. 

We start exporting fruits and berries, if you want to import products from Georgia, you can join us. see details on the website 

Our exclusive partners

We are the exclusive representative of the French company MULTIBAIES in the Georgian market

Compaqpeat SIA, represented under the brand name Compaqpeat SIA​​​​​​​, is a Latvian business company that produces moss peat in the Baltic States and supplies it worldwide. We are the exclusive representative in the Georgian market

We are representative of the USA company Jrtnurseries in the Georgian market-----

We import agro fabric (mulch) from Turkey. The fabric has high quality and good indicators of resistance to environmental conditions. Warranty 3-5 years 

Our Service


With us you can order blueberry seedlings, peat and agro fabric. To order soil analysis in a leading laboratory in the Netherlands and France, based on the recommendations prepared by their specialists, you can plan measures for planting, land improvement. Qualitatively select blueberry varieties based on locally, climatic specification requirements. Provide you with a specific, climate study for your plot.

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Blueberry seedlings


With us you can order blueberry seedlings produced by different varieties and different countries. 

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Agronomist consultation

The company agronomist will help you with consultations. If necessary, you can call for visiting at field. Foreign experts will serve you as needed.

For Foreign experts, write on email

Company Agronomist experts

Peat highest quality from latvia


We are the official dealer of the company Linkona in the Georgian market. See peat characteristics at the link

Order soil analysis and recommendations

Based on a soil study carried out in a leading laboratory in the Netherlands or France, a recommendation from foreign experts to improve the soil.

Agro fabric/Mulch 


With us you can order agro fabric 80 gr / sq.m, 100 gr / sq.m and 120 gr / sq.m. Warranty from 3 years.

Crop protection

In early spring, when birds have less food, blueberries are an attractive food for them. A sound alarm is a means of protection against crop damage. See details at the link

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